Luxury Villa

“Since 1960, when I inherited San Liberato from my father, Prince Odescalchi, my husband Donato and I have fallen in love with this place, which seemed not of this world: the unique location, the unaltered nature and that little solitary church full of mysticism. That very night we contacted the architect Enrico Gentiloni Silveri to put into his hands the project for our future country house!”.

Countess Maria Odescalchi Sanminiatelli
from “I giardini di San Liberato” by Daniele Mongera

The sophisticated Villa Sanminiatelli is located in the middle of the estate garden, a few steps away from the church, in total harmony with the surrounding environment and nature. The meadow in front of the villa, which is divided in three natural terraces, is like a painting within its magnificent frame.

On the right side, you can easily notice the Orto dei Semplici, which runs along the east side of the church, once used to grow officinal plants by Agostinian monks and now partly used to host colourful floral experiments, which change every year.

In the middle, the view of Lake Bracciano is simply breath-taking. The lake changes its nuances, from pink to blue, depending on the weather.

A few stone steps lead to the colourful rose garden, wich Russel Page and Sanminiatelli family wanted, in order to divide the two à l’anglaise meadows. In the middle there is a lovely fountain.

On the right side of the villa, surrounded by candid iceberg roses, there is a magnificent Liriodendron tulipifera (tulip tree).
The antique roses nearby emanate a reassuring and astonishing scent.

In the meadow under the fountain, imposing trees from all over the world change colour in each season, from intense green to warm autumnal yellow, red and orange, which bring to memory New English landscapes.

In this unique historical and natural context, we will be able to satisfy your imagination and organise your luxury wedding ceremony and exclusive party.

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